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Statement of Nonpartisanship

TF1621 is a nonpartisan organization made up of members with diverse political views.  TF1621 does not endorse or align with any political organization and has no political affiliation.  TF1621 is narrowly focused on supporting US intelligence and law enforcement agencies in identifying credible threats against US persons and property, regardless of the implied or stated political motivation of the individuals posing such threats.

TF1621 recognizes and affirms an individual's right to free speech and assembly.  Regarding the occupation of the Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021, TF1621 views the entering of restricted areas of the Capitol grounds as a criminal offense, as stated by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.  Individuals that participated in the Capitol occupation with the intent to disrupt congressional proceedings, by definition, committed insurrection.  Those that planned, orchestrated, lead, financed, or otherwise colluded to disrupt the Constitutionally mandated proceedings, may also be guilty of sedition. 

The mission of TF1621 is to support the ongoing investigation in follow-acts of violence against the United States, regardless of the political affiliation or objective of the threat.

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