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TF1621 is leveraging state-of-the-art technology, including advanced proprietary data science tools, combined with human analysis conducted by over 40 counterterrorism experts, to support its duel MISSION.  Analysts are actively working to support the identification of individuals that led, provided support, or participated in the siege on the US Capitol. 

link analysis.jpg

Sample Image of Link Analysis

Link Analysis & Association Matrices

Using Link Analysis and Association Matrices, TF1621 is developing a comprehensive understanding of the interrelationship of key individuals, events, and catalysts that led up to the events of January 6th, and the events that followed.

Timeline Analysis

Additionally, TF1621 analysts, led by John Fenzel, continue to conduct Time Line Analysis.  A high level overview of that timeline is available here.

Data Science Tools

TF1621 is working with Seattle based data science company, RivalAnalytics, which supports the investigation through innovative data analytics technologies.

Social Print.png

‘Social Media Fingerprint’ technology that recognizes patterns and characteristics of an individual’s public social media posts. This will enable the drawing of data-driven links between an individual’s public posts and their anonyms posts, which tend to be far more incriminating but difficult to trace due to the highly anonymous nature of some platforms.

Social Media Impact Analysis.png

Social Media Impact Analysis:  enables the mapping and measurement of the impact of specific social media posts, establishing a data-driven correlation between posts by high-profile individuals and the subsequent actions of those that directly participated in the siege on the US Capitol.

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