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TF1621 (Task Force 1.6.2021) is a civilian intelligence organization comprised of veteran government and military intelligence professionals.  TF1621 was created in response to the Capitol Insurrection that occurred on January 6th 2021 and supports the investigation into the insurrection and anticipated follow-on acts of domestic terrorism. 



TF1621 has two parallel missions:

(1) Provide ongoing intelligence support to federal investigators as they seek to identify, prosecute, and convict those that led and participated in the violent occupation of the US Capitol.

(2) Serve as a nonpartisan, civilian run commission with the mandate to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the Capitol Insurrection, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks. The commission is also mandated to provide recommendations designed to guard against future attacks.



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Heath Gross

A retired Counterintelligence / Counterterrorism Special Agent with over 20 years of experience in government and private sector intelligence operations.  Gross ran HUMINT counterterrorism operations for Operation Enduring Freedom, co-authored the Fort Bragg Terrorist Threat Response Plan, ran numerous high-profile private / government intelligence investigations, including most recently serving as a lead investigator on the Breonna Taylor civil case.  Gross is the Founder and CEO of Sedulo Group, a private global competitive intelligence firm that partners with over 45 Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of enterprise clients.. 

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John Fenzel

A senior Army Special Forces officer who has served on our nation’s battlefields around the world. He has served as a military assistant on the personal staff of the Secretary of Defense, as a Special Assistant to the Vice President, and as a White House Fellow during the Clinton and Bush administrations.  In the wake of the September 11th attacks, he served as Staff Director for Tom Ridge in the Homeland Security Council. He was the principal architect of The Homeland Advisory System, our nation’s color-coded alert system.


Dr. Brandon Cosley

Manages the team from Rival Analytics, a Seattle-based data science company that leverages machine learning, AI, and predictive modeling to build custom data science solutions that solve real world problems.  Cosley received his PhD from the University of Maine, has held multiple university faculty positions, built the data science center of excellence for a leading health insurance provider.  His work has been featured in Wired and Forbes magazines, he has published in leading peer-reviewed research journals, and has presented on data science topics all over the world.



Though Task Force 1.6.21 is a civilian run task force, its contributing members are drawn entirely from military and government service.  As such, each member swore an oath as part of their prior service obligation.  That oath, "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic," is a lifelong commitment that does expire when one separates from active service.  For this reason, TF1621 members understand that, despite our diverse political, religious, and cultural differences, the occupation of the US Capitol, and the attack against the 117th United States Congress,  must be investigated and prosecuted with every available resource in order to prevent such an attack on our democracy from ever happening agan.

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